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Remixed Paintings

My obsession for the past few years has been to collect those old unloved prints and paintings in op-shops and second-hand stores and give them a new lease of life.

My aim is to take an existing print and add to it, add my own spin on what is happening in the scene. I want to add to the conversation and engage the viewer once again, I am not trying to mock or take anything away from the original works, just remix them like old music tracks with a new drumbeat. I like the quirky and slightly off-beat in life and this is conveyed in the additions to the artworks. I try to match the style and condition of the painting, fades, scratches and all. The idea of re-cycling unwanted pieces appeals to me also. With a bit of a makeover they can be appreciated once again.

Since I started adding to existing works back in 2012, I searched online and found there were others out there thinking the same things and doing their own crazy additions. It is funny how similar ideas and conclusions come to different people in different parts of the world at the same time, there must be a name for this collective conclusion. Most notoriously of these artists adding to and borrowing existing works is currently Banksy, but there have been other artists over time doing similar things, like Marcel Duchamp back in the early 20th century.

Even though the idea is not an original idea, I hope that my interpretations and additions are original. I enjoy creating them and I enjoy the storytelling as much as the brushwork. They brighten my day.