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A change is as good as a holiday

A change is as good as a holiday . . . so they say.

bored_640pxAfter what seems like ages I have finally started reconstructing my website. Long story short is that my original site was a target of a DOS attack and was bought to it’s knees. It went offline and I attempted to restore it with a backup and ended up getting it partly back but it was never the same, posts dropped their images, plugins misbehaved and it was a mess.

So here I am with a clean start. It will take a while to build it back to it’s former self and I will slowly try and restore some of the old content. If you are on facebook then most of my day to day banter is on my pagefeed – that is the best place to join in the madness and see what my latest creations are. But for now have a browse on the site.

Cheers Andy.

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