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A moment on your lips

Choco Balm Tin 01

It is the week before Easter and my thoughts have turned towards chocolate. As I was dreaming of hot-cross buns and coffee I pondered on how sugar and it’s associated products have taken a bit of a popularity dive lately while at the same time products like coconut oil have been on the rise. This puts my Choco-Balm in a perfect position to be promoted for Easter.

Chocolate Lip Balm is made from a blend of organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and most importantly, Whittaker’s Dark Block Chocolate.

It is great for chapped lips and has a yummy chocolate taste. It is perfect for putting on your lips prior to puckering up for a kiss and is guaranteed to make them linger longer, coming back for more of that chocolately lip action.

Choco Lip Balm 01

No need to binge-eat chocolate over the weekend when you can have the taste and smell of chocolate on your lips every day with less of a hit on your waist line and less elevated blood-sugars, all while taking care of your lips. What could be better?

A moment on your lips forever in your hip pocket”

I sell my Chocolate Lip Balm in handy tube sizes and also a 25g tin. Available online or in selected stockists. Be sure to check out the Bacon Balm and Pirate Balm also.

Get your chocolate fix today!

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  1. Lindsay Gibb says:

    Pig out on Bacon Balm, it makes you glisten like a Rindstone Cowboy !

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