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Don’t go over the lines . . .

the real good colouring book 07One of my first-ever products that I made and sold at markets was a colouring book, this book was a cobbled-together collection of illustrations and funny cartoons that I had drawn for one reason or another and then stored on my hard-drive to gather virtual dust. I recently revamped my colouring book, gave it a spring clean and added a few more recent illustrations. The biggest change though was getting it printed through a local printer, Copy and Design in Havelock North, rather than printing it out myself on my tired laser printer and hand binding it. It now sports a fancy colour cover and is staple-bound and looks all grown-up. Which brings me onto my next subject …

real good colouring book v02I have noticed a real resurgence lately of Colouring books that are aimed at adults, not just kids. My colouring books have always been aimed at kids young and old, which means you are never to old or too young to enjoy a bit of colouring in. You are only limited by your own sense of what is age-appropriate.

I have plans for more colouring books, ones that dance the fine line between funny and bad taste. I like the idea of something that looks harmless and fun but it wallops you in the stomach when you let your guard down. I may even try and tackle some serious issues with a totally non-serious medium. Then a little voice in my head says “Don’t go over the lines Andy, don’t go over the lines”, then I argue with myself and say “damn it, I am an artist I am meant to go over the lines”.

But for now I am happy with my colouring book as it is, fun and silly with some pictures you can really get stuck into with your favourite colours. I hope you enjoy it as well. You can purchase it online or through selected stockists.

the real good colouring book 02 the real good colouring book 03 the real good colouring book 04 the real good colouring book 05

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  1. judy says:

    Hey cool i have some of the adult ones are cool was in kmart i think and was a lady talking 2 friend bot going looking at sex shop for present ones i thought could b good dont spose they have them could b fun –

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