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Flight of the lesser-spotted humpback whale

I have just finished a remake of an older remixed painting. It wasn’t what I was planning for this painting, I was going to do some protest march of the penguins and have a crowd of emperor penguins marching past the people at the gate. But I stared at the painting for a while and decided it needed a humpback whale to gracefully float through the scene.Flight of the lesser-spotted Humback WhaleHumpback whales typically migrate up to 25,000 kilometres each year. They feed only in summer, in polar waters, and migrate to tropical or subtropical waters to breed and give birth in the winter. During the winter, humpbacks fast and live off their fat reserves. Sounds a bit like some of those cross-fit junkies.

Flight of the lesser-spotted Humback Whale - detailBack in 2012 I created a similar painting called Migration path of the humpback whale in Autumn. As I was painting it I wondered what it would be like to have giant whales floating in our sky and migrating on their routes. Migration Path of the Humpback in AutumnI came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be the whale-song day and night that would be annoying, it would be the droppings splattering all over the freshly washed sheets and newly cleaned car. Imagine the smell.

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