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I love you Angel of Death

Our local bookshop, Wardini Books,  recently ran a promotion that encouraged people to take an existing Little Golden Book and rewrite the story and alter the pictures. This kind of thing is right up my alley as it is what I have been doing to old op-shop paintings for a while now. I chose to re-imagine the book “I love you Daddy”. I had so much fun re-writing it that I had to share it with you.

Angel of Death0001

Angel of Death0002

Angel of Death0003

Angel of Death0004

Angel of Death0005

Angel of Death0006

Angel of Death0007

Angel of Death0008

Angel of Death0009

Angel of Death0010

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  1. Gabbie Milne-Rodrigues says:

    Thank you for the laugh, I’ve been all sweetness and light this week so I appreciate a turn on the dark side!

  2. Ali Beal says:


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