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Pillow Fight Club

Pillow Fight Club_bwThe first rule of Pillow Fight Club is you don’t talk about Pillow Fight Club.

If this is your first time at pillow fighting, you have to fight!

The ancient art of pillow fighting is, like any good martial art, based on a system of protecting yourself and others when faced with adversity.

Good pillow fighting skills takes years of practice. Through dedication and perseverance you will gain skills in agility, speed, self control and humility.
A good pillow fight is a perfect balance of fun, frivolity, exercise, humble domination and honourable defeat.

Pillow fighting is good for your health and can be beneficial when used as a stress release, boredom buster, cardio workout, power struggle equaliser, decision maker and good old-fashioned fun and laughter.

The Pillow Fight Club pillows (weapon of choice for the pillow fighter) is an excellent item for domestic warfare. It is solid enough to know you have been hit yet soft enough to not do any permanent damage. It is ideal for absorbing the stresses of life as well as tears, drool, blood and other bodily fluids. Once the fighting has ceased it also makes a handy place to rest your battle-weary head.

The pillows are hand-made (just like authentic Samurai Swords) by the good folks at Fat Spatula. The original artwork by Andy Heyward has been printed onto a heavy twill fabric, stitched seams hold it together and it has been stuffed with the finest of stuffing, all so you can beat the living daylights out of any worthy opponent.

General Health Surgeons Warning:
Pillow fighting may cause uncontrollable giggles, pant-wetting laughter, broken furnishings, hurt pride, tears before bedtime, insomnia, exhaustion, headaches and irreparable pillow damage.

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    Pillows sound good fun but cat poo yuk

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