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Shave like your grandad

Being a bearded bloke and a maker of fine facial-fur products it may seem strange that I also sell implements of hair massacre – but I see it as backing both camps.

I have put together this fine shaving kit – I say that if you have to shave you may as well shave in style and do it like your Grandad (or Grandma) did.

This shave kit includes a straight razor, leather strop, goat horn comb, goat milk soap and pure badger hair brush.

Straight Razors give a smoother shave and stay sharp for years. Save money on disposable razors and shave like your olds did back in the day.

The razor is made by hand. The handle is Mahogany wood and the knife Steel is Japan ACRM-2. The Titan company has been making razors since 1920 and Japan is home to the samurai sword so you know this sucker is sharp. It comes ready to shave with no extra honing necessary.

Titan 02


I am also selling the goat milk shaving soap and brushes separately and if you use it all up you can get refills for the ceramic bowl.

If you would rather hold onto your facial follicles, I can understand. Winter is coming and I have some fine products available for your beard and moustache.

Lets face it – your beard has been doing its job of making you look ruggedly handsome and manly. Now it’s time to return the favour and give your beard some loving.

Yak Horn Comb & Beard Wax 02

Combing your beard or hair with this genuine yak horn from Tibet is instant swag right there. Taming the beast on your chin with the Old Grizzly Beard Tamer or Hairy Beast Beard Oil just tops off the awesomeness.

The comb is a decent 26cm long and is made from the horn of the Tibetan yak. The yak grows in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau which is located at 4000 meters above sea level. The cold harsh weather of the environment causes the yak horn to grow in a high density, so the comb is very durable. Local Tibetans consider such a comb to be a very precious gift. The comb is also healthy for your hair and scalp as it does not create static.Each comb is unique because the growth of the horn grain is always individual.

Mo wax beard oil bacon balm and comb

The Hairy Beast Beard Oil is made from a blend of natural oils including hemp-seed, grape-seed, jojoba, sweet almond and olive oil. Each of these oils have many individual benefits that are great for the hair and skin. The aroma is a pleasant mix of coffee, cinnamon, cloves and cardamon. It comes in a 30ml glass container.

Beard oil is great for moisturising and hydrating your beard, and the all-natural oils have great benefits for your skin as well. The hydrating ingredients help to keep coarse hair neat and smooth, making your beard touchable, soft, and tangle-free.

To use the beard oil simply add a few drops to the palm of your hand and with your fingertips massage into your manly beard, as you stroke your follicles you will feel your confidence and handsomeness increasing and you will be ready to face the world once again.

Go forth bearded soldier.

Beard Tamer 01Beard Tamer and Comb 01Hairy Beast Beard OilMoustache wax & comb 01Moustache Wax 01Soap & Brush 01Soap refills 02Titan 03


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