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Some days you gotta tell it like it is

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I often think that product packaging lacks a little honesty and sometimes subtlety is lost on people.

This is where my handy-dandy hand-sanitisers come in. Some days you just have to say it like it is.

You can leave these pump bottles in places where your kids or significant others will see them and get the hint.

If you have ever raised or have actually been a teenage boy you will know just how grotty they can be. Try the age-old parenting trick of shaming them in front of their friends, pull out the hand sanitiser when they least expect it.

Have one sitting on your desk for co-workers. Don’t say anything just leave it there, subtly nod your head towards it when they come to your desk.

So you scratched your balls 02Eww I cant believe you even touched that 02So you scratched your bum 02

So many uses – so little time. Get them now and be prepared. 


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